Primary Devices Used for Internet Access in 2023


Mobile Devices (smartphones, tablets)


Desktop & Laptop users

The devices people use to access the internet vary widely, with mobile phones being the most common choice. The implications of this are clear. If you're not able to reach your target audience through mobile display you're not providing a satisfactory mobile experience and you may miss out compared to competitors who are.

Because of this, DebsWebs is committed to providing websites that are fully responsive on mobile devices as well as beautifully functional desktop/laptop versions.

WHY DebsWebs?

For all your graphics and website needs.

Why I use WordPress

WordPress LogoWordPress is an award winning free and open source blogging tool and the #1 dynamic content management system (CMS). I have chosen to use it for all of my CMS needs. The reason is it’s ease of use compared to other systems both for the web designer and you, the end-user. It has many features including hundreds of plug-ins and templates. Plug-ins, small attachable programs, make WordPress one of the most versatile web site platforms you could choose from blogging to E-Commerce.

The multitude of themes available and my customization of them guarantee that your WordPress website will look like no other.

Why Choose Me?

  • Personalized design: unique, individualized websites for each client
  • Face-to-face consultations, whenever possible, to better understand your business needs
  • Attention to detail
  • Beautiful designs with simple, obvious navigation
  • Individualized attention for the entire duration of the design/development process
  • On page SEO

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What my clients have to say

  • Patrick McAuliffe

    Embarking on the journey of creating a webpage was a daunting task for me. With vague ideas about what I wanted but no clue about execution, I scoured through numerous pages in my industry, only to find them lacking. Feeling lost, I came upon DebsWebs and struck gold with Deborah. She's not just a web designer; she's a magician who breathes life into every pixel.

    From color selections to intricate details, Deborah is a virtuoso. Providing her with my content was like handing over a blank canvas to an artist—she transformed it into an extraordinary masterpiece. Thanks to Deborah, my webpage is beyond anything I envisioned. Working with her at DebsWebs was an exhilarating experience, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the stellar results.

    Patrick McAuliffe
    PJM Mediations
  • Mark Skolkin

    Debbie has been our trusted website partner for many years. She has been a knowledgeable resource for us and an attentive listener.

    We recently upgraded our website, modernizing our marketing features and improving our member portal functionality. Debbie designed and created a terrific product. She incorporated elements which have been widely appreciated by our residents and office staff. She took pride in troubleshooting and resolving issues which arose during the process. Pricing for her services has always been very reasonable.

    It’s clear that Debbie enjoys not only her job but also the many clients she regards as friends.

    Mark Skolkin
    The Spires
  • Sandra
    We had the pleasure of working with Debbie on changes, updates and items that needed to be fixed to our website.  It was a great experience and very refreshing to work with someone that is professional, knowledgeable, and very responsive.  In addition, she was able to engage an additional resource for a specialized requirement.  We are extremely happy with the outcome and will continue to engage her in the future as our requirements change.  We would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Debbie!
  • Dusty
    "Deborah was fantastic to work with, especially since I didn't really know specifically what I wanted. She guided me in the right direction until I had the perfect logo, and it was more than I knew I wanted. She was patient and good-natured while working with my lack of knowledge in logo design. I highly recommend her."
    Showtime Travel Agency
  • Jessica
    Debbie was a pleasure to work with, and was patient with bringing our concept to life.  She is very professional, responsive, and puts thought toward individual's ideas and concepts. She is friendly and easy to work with.  I will definitely work with her again in the future, and recommend her.
    Lokono Logo
  • Robert Pisaturo
    "I first became involved with Debbie at Debs Webs by default when her office was handling the web page for a property that I had acquired management of. After verifying that I was actually the new authorized agent (she checked ME out) for the property, Debbie quickly made the changes on the web page that I requested. From that point on she was quick to help with any additions and insertions I wanted, and never failed to properly post every item. Recently, after a change in web hosts, she recommended a re-design of the web page and created a "trial" page for my review. While I never specified the exact layout for the new page, her link titles and reorganization of the page greatly exceeded my expectations. It was as if she reviewed the entire page and its links and then re-organized them in a manner that I might have done had I had many hours to think about it. There wasn't a single thing I wasn't very happy with. This lady knows her stuff and her suggestions are not to be ignored. Thanks, Debbie, for a great job!"
    Robert Pisaturo
    Harbor East Condominiums
  • Mark Dean, Pastor
    Debbie is an absolute delight to work with! She was extremely attentive and patient (patient, patient, patient!) with our church staff throughout the entire process of building us a new website. Debbie was very knowledgeable. If she didn’t immediately have an answer to one of our questions, she researched and got back to us very quickly. She took whatever time was needed to train me on how to maintain and update our site, and never bats an eye when I ask her the same question, or make the same mistakes over and over. Debbie is as prompt, professional, patient and eager to answer our questions today (about a year and a half after our new site was launched) as she was when we first hired her to build us a site. We are all very pleased with our website, and very happy with our decision to hire DebsWebs to create it for our church. Thank You Debbie!!!
    Mark Dean, Pastor
    Sienna Ranch Baptist Church
  • Chuck Hendee
    When we started our Special Needs Ministry at Sienna Ranch Baptist Church, I wanted to have a website that would help parents find information that would help them find support groups and education for their special needs children. Our church website had been built and managed by DebsWebs and I contacted her about building our site.   Debbie is insightful and professional while being a guide to build the site we wanted. She is very responsive and any time waiting was on me providing content.   The site was built and up in about six weeks and we are very pleased with the outcome. All of the responses and comments from our community of parents and service providers has been very positive.   I would be happy to refer anyone to DebsWebs.
    Chuck Hendee
    Sienna Ranch Special Needs
  • Jeff Hoffman
    I really enjoyed working with DebsWebs. She has the patience that I could never have to do this work. The web site is just what I needed, wanted and more. Thanks.
    Jeff Hoffman
    Advanced Infrared
  • Tom Fant
    My sincere gratitude and thanks to Debbie Bulling of DebsWebs Design for the many hours of hard work she put in to create for me a website that is functional and user friendly. You would be hard pressed to find a better experience in website design.
    Tom Fant
    Lux Aeterna
  • Dr. Olim
    I have found DebsWebs to be a step above other web designers having dealt with many over the years. Deb provides quality, professional and grammatically correct print material in an aesthetically pleasing format. With Deb's work we don't have to worry about syntax and spelling errors. She gets it Right!
    Dr. Olim
    Olim and Associates
  • Stephen Cash
    "What can I say about Deb? As a person with no clue of how to do a web site I put my trust in her and I was rewarded. She did a fantastic job on my web site and she continues to improve it! She guided me through every thing I had to do and has stood by me ever since. Whenever I have a question she is there to answer it or help me in what ever way is needed. She keeps an eye out from afar and makes suggestions that she feels may be needed to improve it. She is great to work with in all respects, I highly recommended her!"
    Stephen Cash
    Diamonds by Design
  • Shannon Carter, Choir Director
    “I consider DebsWebs to be one of my most valuable resources. Having worked with Debbie on numerous projects, I take comfort in knowing that my design needs are being met by someone who has tremendous patience, who provides a unique and fresh creative perspective, and who handles each project with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.”
    Shannon Carter, Choir Director
    High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Frank Ugarte
    "Debbie has been a key and integral part of the development of the image of our start-up company. She was patient and inquisitive to understand our difficult product line and then took her creative imagination to make the product line something alluring, hooking the market with her vision by creating our unique logo and then a visually appealing website. Her never ending patience in helping a novice in the world of the internet, Debbie helped us maneuver through the process to come out with an outstanding site. Debbie is dedicated and always puts her best effort forward. She is very responsive and takes that “extra step” to achieve the highest level of quality. All this … at a price that leaves the business owner smiling and loyal to DebsWebs. I highly recommend DebsWebs and endorse her capability to meet any reasonable challenge put in front of her!!!"
    Frank Ugarte
    SG Marine
  • Walter Hammock
    "When I needed a website for my company and needed it in a hurry Deb got it done. She was professional, prompt, cooperative and a joy to work with. I have no hesitation in giving her a ringing endorsement!"
    Walter Hammock
    Hammock Ads
  • J. Alessi
    “Designing a website for a local business is a personal endeavor in addition to being a marketing tool. Perhaps the reason for that is that local businesses become the hearts and souls of their founders and owners. We recently worked closely with Deb to guide us through the design and implementation phases of our website project, and we were extremely pleased with her sincere nature, excellent skill set and great marketing sense. We feel our site presents our business as an extension of our passion for it and we could not have achieved that without Deb’s help. The project was completed on time, on budget and without any significant issues. We are continuing to utilize her firm to guide us through phase 2 of the implementation – our blog; and we can honestly give Deb a 5 out of 5 star rating for all her efforts, skills and guidance.”
    J. Alessi
    Katy Cottage Techsperts
  • Jonathan Gulick
    "Debbie did a superb job of designing and building a new website for the Bayou City Flyers. Our site incorporates the look and functionality we wanted and I believe it will serve our membership and those interested in flying model aircraft very well. Debbie was extremely helpful throughout the process and was very responsive to my requests as she developed the website and we tested it. Without reservation, I would recommend DebsWebs to others in the creation of their websites."
    Jonathan Gulick
    Bayou City Flyers