Why should I keep my WordPress website updated?

Part of what makes WordPress so awesome for websites is that it has Plugins and Themes (like your phone has Apps.) So each time you want to add a cool new feature to your website, you can just go to the WordPress Repository (like the App store) and search for a plugin that will provide that cool new feature.

WordPress needs to be updated...just like your phone does

Think of your WordPress website like your phone. It doesn't matter whether you have an iPhone or an Android, your phone needs to be updated periodically. These updates often contain bug fixes and security patches to prevent hackers and malware from being installed on your phone.

WordPress is the same. Each time a developer releases an update for their plugin through the WordPress Repository, it shows up as a needed update in the WordPress dashboard on your website. The same goes for the WordPress core software. The reasons for these updates are similar for your phone and for your WordPress website.

The frequency of these updates is dependent on how many plugins you are using on your site and how often WordPress releases updates. The more plugins you have on your site, the more often your site will need to be updated. WordPress typically updates the core software about once per month...sometimes more. This does not mean that you have to update your website the moment an update becomes available, but you should consider updating at least once per month.

Why Update Wordpress, Plugins and Themes?

Now that you know that WordPress websites need to be updated, you may ask "Why is it important to keep my WordPress website up to date?" Keep reading for all the answers to this common question.

There are 3 simple reasons to keep your site updated:

The #1 reason to keep your WordPress website up-to-date is SECURITY.

WordPress is the #1 software used to build websites. Therefore, it is the most attacked. Hackers spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get into your website either through the WordPress core software or through the plugins you have installed there. They love to do evil and mean things to your site. Things like posting links for things you don't want people who visit your site to see, or links to sites where you can buy things that you probably don't want your customers to buy.

Once they find a vulnerability in a plugin, for example, they exploit it! This is where the updates come in. The plugin developers find out about the flaw in their plugin and they fix it; then they send the updates to the WordPress Repository and it shows up as an available update on your website.

You update and now you are safe!

Updates to the WordPress core, plugins, and themes often get bug fixes that were discovered in earlier versions. To get the fixed version, update!
Updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes often add new features and functionality. All you need to do to take advantage of them is to update!

So, how do I go about keeping my site updated?

DebsWebs is now offering 2 different maintenance packages for you to choose from to keep your WordPress website up-to-date. I will monitor your website on a daily basis and make all updates as they become available. If your site should get hacked, I will be there to solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Please note: any troubleshooting or hacking clean-up will be charged in addition to the basic maintenance charges if it takes more than the allotted time to resolve. However, I will never charge you anything without first getting approval for the additional charges.

Basic Maintenance


Basic WordPress Maintenance

  • Update WordPress Installation
  • Update All Installed Plugins
  • Backup Databases
  • Keep the SSL certificate up-to-date
  • ~ 30 minutes per quarter
Content updates will be charged at $45.00/hour in addition to the maintenance package.

Premium Maintenance


Complete Website Maintenance

  • Update WordPress Installation
  • Update All Installed Plugins
  • Backup Databases
  • Keep the SSL certificate up-to-date
  • Updates to existing content
  • ~ 1 hour per quarter
This does not include creating new pages, adding/installing new plugins, or major content updates. These items will be charged at $45.00/hour in addition to the maintenance package.

How do I know which option to pick?

Option 1:
Basic Maintenance
Option 2:
Premium Maintenance
I rarely think about my website, but I'd like to make sure it stays updated and backed up.
I have weekly/monthly updates. ie. adding meeting minutes/financial reports, etc. that I'd like you to handle for me.
I take care of my own content updates, but I'm not comfortable updating my WordPress core and plugins.
I have occassional updates, but they are sporadic.